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In 1919, Simon Beizer opened a law office at 50 State Street in Hartford. Shortly thereafter, he moved his office to 983 Main Street. This is the block that in former times housed Planter’s Peanuts, Kay Jewelers, and the Strand Movie Theater. In 1931 or so, Simon was joined in the practice of law by his brother Morris. They remained at 983 Main Street as Beizer & Beizer until about 1943, when they moved the office to 75 Pearl Street.

At some point around 1954, the telephone number for Beizer & Beizer became JAckson2-8296. JAckson was dialed as 52, the number associated with JA on the dial telephone. Simon died and Morris moved from 75 Pearl Street to 101 Pearl Street sometime in the early 1970’s, when 101 Pearl had just opened. He joined offices with John L. Calvocoressi (“Calvo”) in a Suite on the 8th Floor. They agreed to use 522-8296 as the telephone number.

I joined them in 1977, and by 1980, Calvocoressi & Gale was formed. Morris continued to share office space with us, and we continued to use the same number. In 1983, we moved to 410 Asylum Street. Morris moved with us, but gave up an office at that time, preferring to no longer pay for space for which he had limited need. We nevertheless agreed to allow him to come in as often as he liked and use the library as his office so long as it was not needed for another purpose. Morris came in late in the mornings and left after lunch until the late 80’s when he died.

Calvo and I moved from 410 Asylum in 1993 to 363 Main Street, where I am still located today. At the end of 1999, at age 83, Calvo retired from practice and the firm changed names to Gale & Kowalyshyn, LLC, with Kathleen (“Kate”) Kowalyshyn, who had joined us as an attorney in 1990, and myself as the members of the limited liability company formed.

In May of 2011, Kate left to strike out on her own. The firm changed its name to John Q. Gale, LLC. We still proudly have 522-8296 as our telephone number.

Calvo’s path to Calvocoressi & Gale was quite interesting. He first joined the firm of Pelgrift, Dodd, Blumenfeld & Nair, which later became Pelgrift, Dodd & Stoughton. The offices were at all times on Lewis Street in Hartford.

Among the attorneys there, Tom Dodd had been a Nuremberg Prosecutor of Nazi war criminals and later became United States Senator; Joe Blumenfeld became a federal district court judge; George Stoughton became a Connecticut superior and appellate court judge; and Jay Siegel left to form Siegel O’Connor.

Calvo was eventually the last man standing, and by 1972 went into an office-sharing arrangement with Morris Beizer and David C. Bagley when they all moved to the 8th Floor of the newly constructed 101 Pearl Street in downtown.

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